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For the very first time, a Persian Cat has played the lead in Meow. Directed by debutante Chinaas Palanisamy, the film’s crew includes music director Sreejith Edavano, cinematographer Bhojan K dinesh (Satham Podathey) and editor Satish Surya. The producer of Satyajit Ray’s last script is now stepping into Tamil film industry by an animal-based comedy-thriller Meow. Vincent Adaikalaraj is bankrolling under his banner ‘Global Woods Movies’ and had earlier produced legendary filmmaker Satyajit Ray’s last script Target.

The film is all about a cat Selfie, who decides to take revenge when four youngsters give constant trouble. The tussle between the cat and youths form a joyous ride.

Thumbs Up

Lead actors Raja and Urmila Gayathri have done their part well.

It is interesting to see a full-fledged film with a cat as the main lead, however, you can never classify the film into any of the genres. Kudos to debutant director Chinnas Palanisamy and producer Vincent Adaikalaraj for developing and supporting a niche concept like this.

On the technical side, music and camera works support the film perfectly.

Thumbs Down

There are too may loopholes in the plot, the director could have added more details to his work.

The VFX works are very average.

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