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Pazhaya Vannarapettai is a tamil movie, it is an political thriller movie which revolves around Old Washermanpet and in North Madras. This Movie is directed by G.Mohan. Prajin and Nishanth male lead role of the movie and all other star cast & crew are new faces.
For a first-time effort, Pazhaya Vannarapettai is quite impressive. Director Mohan does a good job in establishing the milieu of the north Madras locality. He doesn’t present this story as a whodunit (which it is on the surface) but uses the plot to effectively showcase the seedy underbelly of this region. Every person or place that Karthik and Dheena visit reveals something about the locality. This is why Moorthy’s investigation comes across as a rather unremarkable one.

And, Mohan takes a long time to set up the plot, taking his own sweet time to establish the characters. The episode involving the suspects at the police station goes on and on, while Karthik’s romance feels perfunctory. Also, for a thriller, there is some melodrama that feels out of place.

Still, there is confidence in Mohan’s filmmaking and he is aided by his cinematographer Farooq, who does a terrific job capturing the nocturnal sights of north Madras so much so that it is hard to believe that the film has been made on a meagre budget.

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