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MANNAR VAGAIYARA REVIEW: Mannar Vahaiyara starts with a grand marriage in a small town, where the parents of the bride are seen happily inviting the guests. A girl who looks terrified informs that the bride has been kidnapped by an unknown person. The henchman of the bride’s elder brother tries to stop the mysterious man to save the family’s pride, but in vain.

Cut to flashback, a few months ago, and we see Madhi Azhagan (Vemal) being given a rousing welcome by his brother Arivazhagan (Karthik) and friends after the former completes his bar examination. Their father, (Prabhu), is a respected farmer in the town and wants to see his children reach heights in life. In an interesting turn of events, both the brothers, Madhi and Arivu, fall in love with two sisters (Anandhi, Chandini) from another family. When Arivu takes an extreme step as his lady love is about to get married, Madhi ensures that the wedding doesn’t take place — by kidnapping her. Later, both the families unite, though the sisters’ brother (Vamsi) is still not happy with the wedding.

When everything seems to fall in place, Madhi plans to inform his parents about his love, for which they disagree blatantly. How he manages to win his girlfriend despite the odds forms the rest of the story.

With a slew of characters, each of them having adequate screen space, Mannar Vahaiyara works to a good extent, thanks to decent humour and engaging emotional sequences, which strike the right chord. The film which starts off as an OKish one, but pleasantly turns into an entertaining fare as it progresses. It doesn’t offer anything new in terms of story or execution, but the performances of some of the actors do the trick. Interestingly, more than the lead pairs, Vemal and Anandhi, it is the other artistes like Prabhu, Sharanya, Jayaprakash, Abhishek, Vamsi, Neelima and others who have done more justice to their respective roles. A little care in editing some scenes would have made the film a much better one

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