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Nee Enna Maayam Seidhai HD

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Nee Enna Maayam Seithai is the romantic action entertainer scripted and directed by SR Balaji. Besides scripting and directing, Balaji has penned the screenplay and the dialogues too. Vivek Sekar, Neha Saxena, Harshitha Sai and Madurai Sharmila are in Nee Enna Maayam Seithai star cast. Kavitha Naren produced the film under the production banner, N Pictures Selfie Creations. David Bharath Kumar composed the music to the tunes of Vindhai Bharathi. Rathan handles the camera and Mohamed Yassin is the editor of Nee Enna Maayam Seithai.


Vivek and Neha are neighbors. Both grow up together as siblings. In a particular stage, Neha’s parents started seeking a suitable groom for Neha. As Neha will leave him after her marriage, Vivek compels Neha not to get married. Later, Vivek flies to overseas for his job. After some years, Vivek returns to India. He tries to find Neha and finally meets her. But, Neha doesn’t speak with Vivek, as before. Neha’s servant maid and her daughter stay with her. As Neha avoids him, Vivek decides to get back. Servant maid’s daughter falls for Vivek. Neha tries to commit suicide, but Vivek saves her. What is the reason for her suicide attempt? Who is Neha’s husband? Did Vivek solve Neha’s problems? Watch it on the silver screen.

Star Performance

Vivek and Neha have performed more than what they are supposed to do.


Initially, the story had a resemblance of Chellame by Vishal Reddy, Bharath Srinivasan and Reema Sen. But, as the film moves, we could clearly say that Nee Enna Maayam Seithai could never be compared with Chellame, which is a very good movie. SR Balaji could have taken some efforts to make the film, reach the audiences. He might have thought that releasing the film is a great task and in fact, it is right.

What’s There?

Nothing special to mention
What’s Not There?

No script and screenplay
Over acting by the stars
Illogical scenes
It is an adults only movie

Nee Enna Maayam Seithai doesn’t have anything interesting. It is neither a family entertainer nor a romantic movie. In total, it is not worth watching.

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