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Andhra Mess (2018) HD Movie

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Andhra Mess Synopsis: Four criminals abscond with the money that they have stolen on a job, and end up in a remote village. Meanwhile, the gangster under whom they work is trying to trace their whereabouts.

Andhra Mess Review: In Andhra Mess, there are ingredients that one needs for a black comedy, but the film we get is flavourless. Right in the opening scene, director Jai establishes that he is going for something quirky. But there is a difference in wanting to be a quirky film and being one, and the film clearly belongs in the former category.

Devaraj (Vinod), a gangster, is hired to steal a bag from a house, and he delegate’s this task to his underlings, Varadhu (AP Shreethar), Rathna (Raj Bharath), Ritchie (Madhivanan Rajendran) and Sethu (Balaji). Varadhu, who has just broken up with his girlfriend (who has insulted him for being a nobody), finds out that the bag has crores of cash and decides that this could be his moment to get rich. The four criminals scoot away with the bag to a remote village, where they take refuge under Janardhanan (Amarendran), an elderly man whose family were once zamindars, and Bala (Tejaswini), his young wife. During their stay, Rathna and Bala begin an affair, and Arasi (Pooja Devariya), Richie’s girlfriend, also enters the scene. With Devaraj trying to track them down, for how long can they stay hidden – and more importantly, united?

To its credit, Andhra Mess at least looks visually appealing. The atmospheric lighting, art-directed sets and stylish framing give it visual flair. But the rhythm in the scenes is discordant and the film struggles to find its tone. The characters, too, are uninteresting. Only Bala comes across as a unique character, but even here, the role lacks ambiguity (is she really in love with Rathna or is she a femme fatale?) that would have made it truly memorable. Jai tries to push the envelope in terms of the adult content (we even get a BDSM-ish scene), but this, again, feels like wanting to appear bold than actually being so. And, Devaraj is established as a comical gangster very early on, and this robs any urgency from the narrative once the four protagonists abscond.

All this would have mattered less if the film had delivered at least in terms of laughs, but this is where it woefully fails. The entire first half is devoid of laughs and the second half has what could at best be described as could-have-been-funnier scenes. The level of humour remains at a level where we are supposed to laugh when a character mishears ‘elixir of life’ as ‘elikku kulurudha’! In the end, despite looking colourful, this Andhra Mess ends up serving us fare that lacks spice.

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