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Bodha (2018) Tamil Full Movie

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Bodha Synopsis: A youngster becomes a gigolo to make his acting dream come true. When his friend offers him a chance to earn crores by stealing money from his client’s house, he accepts it and gets into deeper problems.

Bodha Review: A couple of weeks back, we had Semma Botha Aagathey, whose hero found himself accused of murder after inviting a sex worker home. Manikandan (Vicky, who nails the part a hapless youngster), the hero of Bodha, also faces a similar problem, but there is one difference – here, he is the sex worker! That the hero is a gigolo is perhaps the only novel bit in Bodha, but this is presented quite indifferently (and even crassly) that it doesn’t do anything to the film.

The film does have the elements that you need for a generic crime comedy – a lump sum of cash ripe for stealing, a haphazardly put-together plot, a bunch of interested parties, bumbling cops, the works… However, both the writing and the filmmaking display a lack of feel for such material that none of it registers. The comic bits are hardly funny while the thriller elements are barely there, leaving us grappling with a watered down version of the film that Bodha wants to be.

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