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Johnny Movie Synopsis: An ambitious man becomes a murderer when he sets out to rob a huge sum. He is forced to indulge in more crimes to hide the first murder he had committed

Johnny Movie Review: The name ‘Johnny’ has hardly any relevance to the film’s story, except for the fact that the protagonist Shakti (Prashanth) uses it twice to hide his identity. He gets the idea when he happens to watch a scene from the yesterday Rajinikanth-starrer which has the same title.

Shakti, Jai (Prabhu), Prakash (Anandraj), Ram (Ashutosh Rana) and Siva (Aathma) are partners in a happening club in town.

One day, Siva goes to Kochi to strike a financial deal with Kalyan (Sayaji Shinde), an intelligent cop. Meanwhile, Shakti and Ramya (Sanchita), who are in love with each other, hatch a plan to leave the country without informing anyone. Later, the partners get the shock of their life when they learn about Siva’s demise, followed by a few more assassinations. Finally, Shakti settles scores with all his partners and pursue his dream of settling down in Canada with Ramya.

The story which has several twists and turns do not engage the audience because of its predictability. The plot had enough substance for an edge-of-the-seat thriller and the actors were all apt in their roles. But shoddy screenplay, logical loopholes and unimpressive making played spoilsport.

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