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Sixer Movie Synopsis: A site engineer, who suffers from night blindness, gets into trouble when he is mistaken for the leader of a protest group by a goon. His life becomes even more complicated after he falls in love.

Sixer Movie Review: A protagonist who deals with night blindness – he is clueless about the world after 6pm in the evening, to be precise… A comedy based on this concept provides plenty of opportunities to engage the audience by evoking laughter. Directed by Chachi, Sixer has a few scenes which are worked on the protagonist’s inability. The question is whether those are enough to entertain the viewers for more than two hours.

Aadhi (Vaibhav), who hails from a middle-class family, suffers from nyctalopia, and hence, ensures he reaches back home before 6pm. His life, which includes father, mother and a friend, is all about the remaining 12 hours. One day, Aadhi realises that he can’t return home before the cut-off time and asks his friend to pick him up at a place where a protest, which he is not aware of, is taking place. A politician with a criminal record (RNR Manohar), against whom the protest happens, misconstrues Aadhi to be its leader, and goes after his life. After knowing the issue, an enraged Aadhi goes to pick up a fight with Krithika (Pallak Lalwani), the news reader who covered his ‘participation’ in the protest. His life gets entangled in more problems when he falls for the girl.

Sixer has some of the the necessary ingredients to entertain viewers, but the comedy works only in parts. Vaibhav aptly fits in his role and scores well in the comic sequences. Sathish lends support and makes some of the scenes interesting. Pallak Lalwani’s character is quite predictable; she also doesn’t get the lip sync right in a few scenes. The other characters, save for the one essayed by Radha Ravi, do not leave any impact. A supposedly funny sequence involving Chaams is ridiculous and tests our patience. The antagonist falls flat in the climax because of the clichéd fight with the hero. The movie, on the whole, just falls short of being watchable, despite some of the comedy working out quite well, thanks to the logic loopholes and some silly scenes

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