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Aghavan Movie Synopsis: A group of criminals hatch a plan to loot the wealth of a huge temple for their selfish needs.

Aghavan Movie Review: What happens when a film which has an interesting premise, has so much unnecessary elements stuffed into it? And what if the basic plot is established almost an hour later after the film begins? With Aghavan, the director has done exactly the same. The movie’s story is about a bunch of anti-social elements eyeing the wealth hidden in Brihadeeswarar Temple in Tanjavur and how cops are after them. The film, however, starts as a family drama laced with some ineffective humour. The several flashback episodes and multiple non-linear narrations confuse the audience, and the never-ending screenplay makes things worse. The movie ends up as a hotchpotch of irrelevant elements, thereby overshadowing an intriguing theme.

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