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Jyothika is one of the few heroines who have the box office power to shoulder a movie all by herself and in ‘Ratchasi’ she has once again chosen a character of substance and good content from newbie director Sy. Gowthamraj.

Geetha Rani (Jyothika) arrives at a village government school as the new headmaster (mistress?) and finds it in shambles and the teacher led by the assistant headmaster (Kavitha Bharathi) have no control over the students and pass their time idly. Geetha charts out a plan to set things and first gets the atmosphere changed by appealing to parents and then slowly starts bringing in reforms that win her the students and makes enemies as well. Rajalingam (Harish Peradi) the owner of a private school fearing that the government school would become a competition for him plots to get the heroine out of the way and succeeds in putting her behind the bars. Who Geetha really is, What is the crime she committed and did she win in her quest to make the school educate the underprivileged to compete with the commercially educated? forms the rest of the screenplay.

Jyothika in her comeback trail lost it in ‘Magalir Mattum’ but made a solid comeback to form with ‘Kaatrin Mozhi’ carrying it to ‘Ratchasi’ as well adding dignity to the character with her usual bubbliness also present in a few lighter scenes. Her best moment is when she breaks down listening to her father’s voice message in a tragic sequence but on the whole, she carries the entire film equal to any mass hero. Kavitha Bharathi resembles Thambi Ramaiah’s character in ‘Saattai’ while Harish Peradi does the mandatory villain’s role functionally. Poornima Bhagyaraj, Sathyan, Naganeedu, Aruldoss, and Muthuraman are the known faces in the film who do justice to their respective characters The casting of all the supporting characters including the teachers and the students is impeccable

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