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Kazhugu 2 Movie Review: Kazhugu, which released a few years ago, hardly has any similarity to its supposedly made sequel, except for its lead artistes and the backdrop of a hill station. While Krishna, one of the leads in the prequel, played a character who retrieves dead bodies from the suicide point, this time, he’s Johnny, a petty thief, who along with Kali Venkat, indulges unapologetically in robbery for living. A certain situation forces the duo to go to Kodaikanal from Theni (where they are settled) and they are mistaken as hunters who have come to save the people there from some dangerous wolves. The movie, in fact, starts with a wolf attack, to which some forest workers fall prey to.

Quite disappointingly, this premise was never dealt with as the story progresses. Johnny falls in love with Merly (Bindu) after he is convinced that the latter is head over heels for him. The viewers, however, isn’t convinced as their romantic track appears forced and keeps the main plot at bay. A tiring first half is compensated by a comparatively better second half, albeit some twists towards the end do not help the movie to make it as an engaging affair.

Raja Bhattacharjee’s cinematography and Yuvan’s okayish music are positives in the film. All the artistes did justice to what have been offered to them in this half-baked script.

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