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Thorati Movie Review: The posters of Thorati has the tagline “vendha soru sutta kari patta saarayam” – this sums up the movie as the plot revolves around these ingredients. Set against the backdrop of Ramanathapuram, the story has its protagonist Mayan (Shaman Mithru), a shepherd, who leads a happy-go-lucky-life even as his father is concerned about his future. He befriends a trio (played by Sundarrajan, Chellam Jeyaseelan and Muthuraman) who wouldn’t mind going to any extent to relish vendha soru, sutta kari and patta saarayam.

Mayan’s friendship with them affects his life post his marriage to Semponnu (Sathyakala). Further, there’s a revenge and betrayal angle which has been showcased with the required intensity. The story is set in 1980s and the director has stayed true in bringing in a suitable ambience for the plot to develop organically. What starts off as a lackadaisical narration moves steadily once the major plot unfolds. The cinematography, which captures the village in all its beauty and the effortless performance from the heroine and the trio are positives of the film. The emotions, especially towards the end, connect with the audience, thanks to the convincingly presented sequences. The movie takes ample time to get into the core story – a little care in dealing with it would have made it a better watch

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