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Kaithi full movie leaked online by Tamilrockers

Kaithi starring Karthi has been leaked online by piracy website Tamilrockers. The leak of this big Deepavali Tamil release comes during the festival season which is traditionally considered favourable for theatres. It is yet to be seen if this leak will affect Kaithi’s box office performance.

Kaithi has released alongside Vijay’s Bigil. The competition between the two films could affect their collections but since the festival season is going on, it is expected that the audience could go for multiple films during the weekend.

Earlier, Karthi had said about the film, “We can say that Kaithi is also an attempt to make an action film of international standards. The film is set in the night time and we took extra care of the lighting. So, a lot of planning went into making it visually appealing. It was a new experience for me. Even we did not go with a typical mass background score. The music is also very stylish like Hollywood movies. I feel everything is fresh in this film.”

On the film’s clash with Vijay’s Bigil, Karthi said, “Everybody wants to see films during festivals. So, there should be options for the audience (smiles). It’s not a necessity to have only one film for release. If there are two movies, the audience will choose according to their desire. If both are good films, they will watch one after another. Rajinikanth sir’s (Petta) and Ajith sir’s (Viswasam) released on the same day for Sankranthi. And both films became big hits. If a film is good, the audience themselves promote the film.”

Indianexpress.com’s Manoj Kumar wrote in his review, “The characters in Kaithi are in a constant fight-or-flight mode. Lokesh forces them to choose between pain and pride. Surrender or resist. Self-preservation or the greater good. And these choices are made by everyday folks, who neither have the stomach, nor muscle to put up a fight against the dreaded criminals.”

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