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Zombie Full movie

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Zombie Movie Synopsis: A group of individuals are trapped in a resort where there’s a zombie outbreak. Can they get out of the place alive?

Zombie Movie Review: Yet another week, and yet another film with Yogi Babu as the sort-of lead. And yet another clueless filmmaker who cannot figure out what to do with the comedian (who gets a feet-first introduction scene accompanied by the Vikram Vedha theme). Strike that. If Zombie is proof, Bhuvan R Nallan cannot even figure out how to do comedy or even plain, engaging storytelling. There is not a single memorable joke (rhyming PUBG with bhajjis is its idea of comedy) or moment in his film, which seems to think that just casting a bunch of actors who are popular with social media-savvy youngsters will automatically ensure bums on theatre seats.

Initially, we think that the film will get better after the lousy set-up (a few tiresome individuals with personal problems that are absolutely silly) but the film only continues to plumb newer depths in insipidity (like males dressing in female attire to avoid zombies). The plot involves these individuals who have to fend off a zombie outbreak in a resort, but nothing impresses – not even a bit.

With such material, even the performers, some of whom we have enjoyed watching in other projects, come across as annoying. If you want a sample of the film’s tactless Ness, you only have to look at a scene where TM Karthik, who was accused in the #MeToo movement, gets to question another character’s behaviour with ladies. By the time the film ends, you wish you had rather suffered a bite from a zombie rather than having sat through its painful dullness.

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