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Market Raja MBBS

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Market Raja MBBS Movie Synopsis: An arrogant don is possessed by the ghost of a medical college student and turns meek. Now, his accomplices have hide this fact from the outside world and ensure the return of the actual don.

Market Raja MBBS Movie Review: In Raghava Lawrence’s Kanchana films, we have a cowardly young man turning into a courageous superhero after being possessed by a ghost. In Market Raja MBBS, director Saran cooks up a one-line that is the reverse of this formula – what if a meek ghost possesses a daring don? It is certainly an interesting premise, especially because most of our ghost films feature the spirit as something ferocious.

And Saran marries this idea with a variation of the premise of his Vasool Raja MBBS. So, here, we have a doctor who has to behave like a don. Again, not a bad idea. And while we cannot say that the director has successfully managed this mash-up, he at least manages to keep things engaging.

The story revolves around Market Raja (Arav), a flashy don who cares for nothing but power and money. He is under the protection of Radha (Sayaji Shinde), a minister, and the duo plots and succeeds in bringing down Radha’s rival Ramadas (Hareesh Peradi). The cops, concerned over Market Raja’s growing clout decide to finish him off and bring in an encounter expert from the North (Pradeep Rawat). But the operation goes wrong and results in the death of Chandrababu (Vihaan), a medical college student. And the meek Chandrababu’s spirit possesses Market Raja. Now, the don’s right-hand man Das (Adithya) and lawyer Varadha (Chaams), with help from Vanisri (Kavya Thapar, yet another North Indian heroine who feels like fish out of water when it comes to performance) – who loves Market Raja and on whom Chandrababu has a crush – have to ensure that this secret doesn’t get out for that will destroy their entire empire.

As with his better films, Saran builds a convincingly quirky world. We have the unusual setting – here, it is Market Raja’s den, which is filled with props from railway stations (he is a railway contractor on the side). There is an underling who speaks in chaste Tamil. There are references to older Tamil cinema. Here, we get this in the form of the names of the characters – in addition to Vanisri and Chandrababu, we get Sivaji, Nagesh, and names like MR Radha, Pandari Bai and Shoba get dropped often in the conversations.

The supporting cast is quite good. Radikaa, as Sundari Bai, Market Raja’s mother who uses her son’s clout and runs her own little empire, is quite endearing, and superbly brings out the character’s naivety, while Rohini comes up with a moving performance as Chandrababu’s hearing and speech-impaired mother. We also get a great masala movie moment in a scene between a mother and son that involves a tune, and a mock proposal.

But the writing in the rest of the film is quite patchy. Saran takes a long time to set up the characters and their arcs, and some of the quirky ideas (like Devadarshini as a ghostbuster) don’t work. There is double entendre, objectification in the form of Nikesha Patel’s character (even her very name, Stephanie, is a euphemism for her character – a mistress), and bad taste comedy (Sundari Bai getting beaten up Market Raja). Also, given that this happens to be his debut, Arav feels a bit lightweight to carry the central role. The actor is convincing in the scenes where he has to act meek, but it is difficult to buy him as a fearsome don.

Market Raja MBBS might not be a return to form for Saran, but it definitely a step up from his previous couple of releases.

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