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God Father

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Godfather Movie Synopsis: A hapless father tries to save his son from a ruthless gangster who is after the boy to save his own child.

Godfather Movie Review: The title credits of Godfather play over animated visuals of a lion trying to hunt down a deer. It is a very explicit description of what the film is all about – the protagonist, a timid family man, has to fend off the antagonist, a feared gangster – and the director only keeps pushing this analogy further at every given opportunity. For one, there are the names of the characters themselves – Adhiya’maan’ (Natty) and Marudhu’singam’ (Lal). In fact, the latter is even made to resemble a lion, with his beard resembling a lion’s mane; even his ring has a lion’s face!

Marudhu’s son is dying and the only way to save him is to find a child of his own age and harvest his organs. And that boy (Ashwanth, the Super Deluxe kid) happens to be that of Adhiyamaan. When Marudhu’s men come calling, luckily, Adhiyamaan gets to learn about their intention. But with the gangsters not letting anyone enter or exit the multi-storey apartment that Adhiyamaan lives in, for how long can he save his son?

A survival thriller set inside an apartment. Two fathers willing to do anything to save the lives of their sons. Jegan Rajshekar has a fantastic premise with the right mix of action and sentiment for an edge-of-the-seat thriller. And in its present form, Godfather isn’t exactly a letdown, but it certainly doesn’t live up to the promise of its juicy premise. The tension inherent in the plot helps the film coast through, and the director manages to maintain a fair pace and keeps things moving. But the writing is a letdown as we get characters and relationships that lack depth. And the generic nature of the initial scenes feels like a disservice to the exciting concept of the film. We get a generic family song to show that Adhiyamaan has a loving family. We get generic murders to show that Marudhu is ruthless. All that these portions do is stick out as unnecessary padding.

But the biggest issue is how reveals the surprises in the name of foreshadowing. Rather than subtly introduce these elements into the plot, he underlines the moments. So, when we get a line about a house with a smoke alarm or a lift that doesn’t work often, we instantly know what role they will play in the latter stages

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