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Asuraguru Movie Synopsis: Shakti, who becomes obsessed with money from childhood, goes on to become a tech-savvy thief. However, he becomes a changed man due to certain circumstances when cops nab him.
Asuraguru Movie Review: Asuraguru is the latest to join the list of heist thrillers in Kollywood. But the film lacks the required elements one expects from movies which belong to the genre.
Shakti (Vikram Prabhu) is a tech-savvy thief and his regular activities keep cops at their toes. Manickavasagam (Subbaraju), a senior cop, takes up the cases involving Shakti. Meanwhile, Jamaludheen (Nagineedu), a notorious criminal, approaches a detective agency to trace huge amount of money he lost in a robbery. The agency assigns the case to Diya (Mahima Nambiar), who is linked to Shakti through a mutual friend. How Shakti and Jamaludheen are nabbed by cops forms the rest of the story.
Unfortunately, the lack of an engaging screenplay and below par making are evident after a few minutes into the film. There are several scenes which lack conviction and engaging performances. The logic goes for a toss in numerous scenes and we lose interest in the proceedings almost halfway through the movie. The female lead, essayed by Mahima Nambiar, shows promise in the beginning, but is let down as time progresses. Yogi Babu’s regular antics, too, do not help the film. The backstory for the protagonist’s obsession with money is absurd, to say the least.

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