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Naan Sirithal Movie Synopsis: The life of a happy-go-lucky youngster who suffers from pseudobulbar affect goes topsy-turvy after he unintentionally locks horns with a dreaded gangster

Naan Sirithal Movie Review: The tales of protagonists who face myriad issues because of their unusual disorders is nothing new to Tami cinema, and the latest to join is Naan Sirithal, which revolves around Gandhi (Hip Hop Tamizha Aadi), who suffers from pseudo bulbar affect, a strange condition which makes him laugh uncontrollably during emotional moments. A happy-go-lucky person, his life revolves around his family, girlfriend Ankita (Iswarya Menon) and a bunch of friends. One day, when he sets out to search one of his missing friends, he accidentally becomes part of a gang war between two dreaded groups, headed by Dilli Babu (KS Ravikumar) and Sakkarai (Ravi Mariya). How his laughing disorder lands him in trouble becomes the rest of the story.

Going by the plot and the protagonist’s rare condition, the screenplay had lot of scope for unlimited fun and suspense elements. But the sub-plot involving the gang war hardly engages except a scene or two despite KS Ravikumar’s presence and Munishkanth’s comedy. The film has romance, friendship, family emotions and other required ingredients for a popcorn entertainer, but is still under-cooked. Most of the comedy scenes fall flat and you don’t get enough reasons to empathise with the protagonist’s condition. The father-son chemistry is decent and works in a couple of scenes, but could have been much better; same applies to the scenes between male lead and female lead. The songs are passive and do not add anything to the narration. Yogi Babu’s cameo in the pre-climax portion is okayish. His scene with Aadi stands out because of their chemistry. Aadi fits into the character though there are scenes where he goes overboard with his histrionics. It’s the sequences with his friends which engage the audience.

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